Félix Belso Carpets also offers an important range of services

Félix Belso Alfombras does not limit itself to the creation and installation of carpets and rugs, but offers its clients a wide range of services before, during and after the making and selling their carpets and rugs, with the aim of advising customers on the choice of the best solution and to provide an adequate response to their needs and to ensure that customer expectations are met and overcome.

Project design

Our Creativity and Design Department offers our customers a highly qualified team to guide you, advise you and design the rug that best suits your needs.

To do this, the first step is to define the need with the client in order to know what its objectives are, if it has a preconceived idea regarding the rug, type of production, materials and tones, as well as with regard to the formal and creative aspects,

our Technical Team will inform and advise the customer on the most suitable type of product, raw materials and the most suitable customized rug that he looks for.

Production process

Once the sketch is made and with the client’s approval, our weavers will start to execute the project uninterruptedly and with maximum precision, so that the customer can enjoy his brand-new rug at the shortest possible notice.


Our installers will carry out the next step, which consists of placing and assembling the carpet. With extensive experience and proven professionalism, they will carry out these tasks with care, but aware of the importance of the installations recovering all their functionality as soon as possible with a new image.


Once the project has been executed, Felix Belso Alfombras offers its customers the possibility of a new maintenance service. The recently introduced Dry Green System has the state of the hart technology and is today the most efficient and ecological dry cleaning system in the market.

This new cleaning tool does not use water, one of the greatest enemies of rugs to enlarge their durability; it eventually reduces energy consumption; it eliminates dust and mold spores and uses environmentally friendly materials.

With this cleaning system, places do not have to be closed for long periods of time until they are completely dry for use.


Felix Belso Alfombras SL and its Habana Home premium brand are producers of high-end rugs. They guarantee quality and durability of its jobs, a guarantee that extends up to two years after the date of invoicing. However, after that time we will keep on supporting our customers whenever they need us.