City Line

City Line offers more than just a rug that you can enjoy in your home in just over 15 days from your order! Even special shapes are possible! This Collection provides inspiration, creativity and imagination to complete an interior. A combination of light and colour that, at the forefront of fashion, allows you to choose between different textures and achieve an irreverent result, without giving up the distinction that its sober lines always give.

Discretion and homogeneity are two of the qualities of Abhi quality, which evokes intense colours from nature; while Picadilly shows a more casual character, although both textures are perfectly adaptable to the most diverse areas. Silk Touch shows a mixed look between the two previous options, and the Nelots and Trocadero lines complete the collection, in a commitment to warm and lasting carpets in the first case, and with greater uniformity and delicacy in the second option.

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