The Horizon III collection is the reinvention of the Horizon Line to show up with a different, endless design with exceptional comfort. A wide range of possibilities of Hand-Woven carpets. Large or small patterns, organic or graphic shapes can be combined to create a surprising element in any interior. Modern, contemporary and avant-garde styles have a place in the making of these made-to-measure carpets, giving them a unique character and personality. Their fluffiness and fine finish make them extraordinary pieces.

With Horizon III Collection we invite you to play with design and colour, texture and scale to achieve beautiful rugs made from top quality wools, where you can leave your personal mark to achieve a result that combines craftsmanship and exclusivity, while maintaining their high-quality standards.

Three different constructions, eighteen different results coming form the combination of textures and tones to present a wide range of options.

Softness and durability characterize the Cool Patch in its five different versions Black Natural, Gold Natural, Green Natural, Grey Natural and Smoke Natural.

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