Technical Carpets

Access to offices, factory facilities, industries, institutional buildings, leisure or commercial centers may require an insulated and safe surface to allow entrance. In view of these needs, we designed a wide range of Technical Carpets for entrances to adapt them to the most diverse spaces in order to contribute to the required safety.

Cleaning in spaces with a heavy traffic is crutial, and a first filter to keep all clean is provided by these technical carpets, this helps to reduce the buildings cleaning costs.

Furthermore, the arrival of COVID-19 has led to a change in our behavior and, to the adoption of prophylactic measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. These carpets allow the application of a disinfectant. The Escudo line, with different possibilities in terms of design, size, and image, with the customizing options is our proposal for these technical disinfectant carpets.

The technical entrance mats may be ordered in made to measure concept.